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Our Products!

Ages 6 Months - 5 Years 

2 - in - 1 Rocking Bike

Baby Rocker
Ages 16 Months - 5 Years 

12" Balance Bike

Teach balance before pedalling to grow your child’s confidence and coordination. The lightweight 12 inch Strider Bike will introduce the freedom of riding to your child through a natural progression. Comes in 2 models Pro and Sport.
Ages 4 Years - 7 Years 

14X Bike + Pedals

The Strider 14x is the perfect tool to help your child transition from a balance bike to a pedaling pro. Once they’ve mastered balancing and handling the larger bike, the optional Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit installs in minutes and transforms your child’s 14x into a pedal bike for instant riding success.
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