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Strider Christmas Family Fiesta 2019

Strider Singapore present Strider Christmas Family Fiesta​—​a free-to-attend, fun-filled holiday event taking place at Fusionopolis this Saturday afternoon, 21st December 2019, featuring sports & craft activities for the whole family.

Strider Singapore is proud to bring the first mega family Sports & Crafts event, ​Strider Christmas Family Fiesta at Fusionopolis Two @ one-north, building on our community-building partnership with JTC. Together with our event partners ​Little Bright Twinkle and ​When I Grow Up​, we have put together an initiative to help curb the use of digital devices.

The event is Free to attend and will feature the Strider® Adventure Zone and a balance-bike bowling activity that teaches children to balance and improve their motor skills.

There will be a crowd of 400 families in total over two days with the second day as Strider Christmas Fun Race with children mostly under 7 year old. There will be goodie bags provided by, worth $40. Families will have to complete each booth to get a stamp on their Christmas Tree card in order to redeem their goodie bags.

Goodie Bag Sponsors:

● Little Bright Twinkle

● Dutch Lady

● MINT museum of toys

● Elgydium​ Expert in Oral Care

● Fantastic

● Learning In Transit

The event will also host mini-workshops, and is the perfect setting for unique family bonding activities!

Activity Area Exhibitors:

Strider​ is a renowned US brand for balance bikes, the only one in the world that organises races for children from 2 year old to 6 year old. 21st December's event will be the mega family fiesta focusing on outdoor play and crafts, our aim is for parents to take their children out to explore the different activities and help them find what they like best. The use of balance bike starts from 18 months old. This helps a child develop better motor skills as they grow.

  1. Strider® Bikes Adventure Zone ; ​A S​ TRIDERAdventure Zone​ is a safe and friendly environment that encourages kids 18 months to 7 years old to explore mobility on two wheels and experience the challenge and thrill of riding on unique terrain and obstacles

  2. Strider® Balance bike Bowling:​ Imagine your child as a bowling ball crashing into human-size air-filled bowling pins. It's great fun and also safe for children as young as 18 months to 7 years old. Who does not like crashing into things?

  3. Qiren Organisation ​(An authorised representative of AIA Singapore) - ​Bouncing Castle for children

  4. Bricks 4 Kidz ​Parent-Child Crossword Puzzle activity and Lego Robotics Display

  5. ​Learning in Transit ​“How many Joseph Schooling are there in the picture?” ​Children count/estimate the number of Joseph Schooling cartoon characters in one image, one lucky winner with closest guess will get $20 NTUC voucher

  6. IVision by SLM Visioncare ​Throw the darts!

- Each pair have 3 attempts to throw the dart, they will be at 2m or 3m away from the dartboard - Each children are required to throw the dart with the hand tied with their guardian. - Participants are required to green part, if hit red, they will have to throw again.

7) Crafty Kits- ​DIY Sugar Scrub & Bubbles making

  1. Doterra Essential Oils ​Complementary​ A​ romaTouch Hand Technique massage for children

  2. A* Speech ​will be distributing balloons to children

10) (Pop-up stall) 72 Degrees Eyewear by Orchard Optics - ​Orchard Optics is a premier optical and eyewear store in Singapore. Founder, Mr Andrew Chang created an ​in-house brand “72 Degrees Eyewear”, a household and broad-based lifestyle eyewear brand.

Strider Singapore’s last event:​ ​

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