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We want to make sure your ownership of a Strider® Balance Bike is the best experience it can be. To this end, we request that you register your bike’s serial number through this online form. This will activate your warranty, allow us to track your bike, and allow us to send you technical updates and helpful tips.  


To complete the form at the link above, you will first need to get the serial number from your Strider Balance Bike (see photo on the right). 


STRIDER® maintains the highest safety standards as demonstrated by our CPSC and CE certificates. Our goal is to get kids riding at the youngest age possible, so we do extra research and engineering to manufacture products that meet the stringent safety requirements for children aged 18 month and older. When you choose Genuine Strider® products, you are assured of the highest quality and safety for your child.


STRIDER® products come with a two year warranty for manufacturing defects.  We want you to be happy with your Strider products, and we want your child to be successful at riding. At STRIDER® we are motivated to resolve any issues in a very timely manner.

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